Pellet heating systems

wood pellets as fuel

Comfortable and automatic heating with pellets

KWB pellet heating systems are state-of-the-art and efficient central heating systems, which use the climate-neutral fuel wood pellets. The operation is fully automatic.

Comfortable and automatic heating with pellets

Pellet heating systems are just as user-friendly as central heating systems fired with oil or gas. However, they cause the lowest fuel costs as well as the lowest carbon emissions when it comes to central heatings.

Heating comfortably with pellets

Heating with KWB is quintessentially comfortable: At a capacity range of 135 kW KWB pellet heating systems come with a wheeled ashes container. Up to 15 kW there is almost no cleaning effort as the ashes container only has be emptied every two years.
At a high capacity range we separately offer large ash container in order to be able to guarantee an easy operation.
Thanks to the dual control system consisting of a dial and a touchscreen display the heating can intuitively be operated. Combined with the KWB Comfort Online platform it can also be controlled remotely.

Cheaper than oil and gas

As pellets are made of a renewable commodity and as the pellet market works independently from the political international situation heating with pellets is significantly cheaper than heating by oil or burning gas. All KWB wood-fired heatings are government-funded.

Ecofriendly pellets

Pellets mainly consist of sawdust which means that no tree has to be cut to the ground for producing them. As wood regrows our customers are virtually heating in a climate-neutral way. Modern wood-pellet heating systems are extremely clean. They meet even the most stringent restrictions in Germany and Austria.

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