KWB EmpaCompact
The highly efficient central energy station on 1 m²
KWB EmpaCompact Stratified storage tank

KWB EmpaCompact

The highly efficient central energy station on 1 m²

  • Modern fresh water station with high efficiency pump (class A) for domestic hot water preparation
  • Two solar registers to enable integration of a solar thermal system
  • High-quality heat insulation (fibre fleece, floor insulation, cover caps)
  • 1 - 2 heating circuit groups
  • Several strata charging devices

On a footprint of just 1m², the multifunctional buffer storage tank contains a major part of the heating room installation. In addition it boosts the efficiency of your entire heating system. 

The EmpaCompact stratified storage tank is provided ready to connect with the following capacities:

500 l
800 l
1.000 l
1.500 l

Even more efficient with a strata charging device

A buffer storage tank lowers emissions and increases the efficiency and service life of your heating system. If it additionally has a strata charging device like the KWB EmpaCompact, the overall efficiency of your heating system increases even more. Generally, a heating system is most efficient when it stops and starts up again as infrequently as possible. A buffer storage tank strongly contributes to these highly important, long runtimes because it stores heat over a long period of time.

Small footprint and simple

If you have the EmpaCompact, you will not need a separate DHWC. You save additional space in the heating room because, thanks to its two solar registers, the EmpaCompact already comes equipped for a connection of a heating system-supporting solar system.

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