KWB Easyfire
Pellet heating system

KWB Easyfire

Pellet heating system

  • Efficient and low-emission solution thanks to CleanEfficiency – Technologie
  • Ash Container only needs to be emptied once a year
  • Quick and clean installation thanks to KWB modular Assembly System

The 40,000 times proven braking system

The KWB Easyfire pellet heating system energy consumption has been reduced to a minimum. The system needs less energy than a refrigerator. The 40,000 times proven under-feed burner ensures a stable ember bed and clean combustion. That is why the heating meets all the restrictions and is government-funded.  

Easy and clean heating

Depending on the size of the moveable ash container the KWB Easyfire pellet heating system only needs to be emptied once a year. The heating system is almost as convenient as an oil or gas heating system, but it is also sustainable as it uses wood, a renewable resource. 
All KWB systems can be dismantled into several modules, which allows our products to be placed in almost every heating room. They can easily be installed even in tight spaces. We call it the KWB modular assembly system. 
The KWB Easyfire pellet heating is equipped with the KWB Comfort 4 control system that lets you control your heating remotely.

Storage room technique and fuel transportation system

Lagerraum direkt neben der Heizung

Lagerraum weiter von Heizung entfernt

kein Lagerraum vorhanden


Die KWB Förderschnecke mit Knickschnecke ist die ideale Lösung bei einem länglichen, neben dem Heizraum angeordneten Lagerraum. Die Förderschnecke ist in verschiedenen Längen erhältlich. Das extrem leise Fördersystem ist wartungsfrei, absolut zuverlässig und hat einen minimalen Eigenstrombedarf.


Die KWB Förderschnecke mit Saugförderung eignet sich besonders für weiter vom Heizraum entfernte, längliche Pelletlagerräume. Sauglängen von 25 Metern und Höhenunterschiede bis zu 5 Metern zwischen Heiz- und Lagerraum können problemlos bewältigt werden.

Händische Befüllung über Vorratsbehälter

Der Vorratsbehälter wird je nach Verbrauch per Hand gefüllt. Eine Nachrüstung auf eine automatische Raumaustragung ist möglich.

Advantages in detail

Simple planning

Thanks to the fully integrated and volume-controlled return flow boost, the pellet heating system connects to any existing heat distribution system. You no longer need an external return flow boost. 

Simple planning
KWB modular assembly system

Straightforward assembly thanks to a modular and easily transportable system

Thanks to the KWB modular assembly system, the boilers can be divided into several modules. So they can be transported in almost every boiler room and mounted in confined spaces. That saves time and money.

Clean due to the underfeed combustion system

In the KWB Easyfire pellet heating system, the pellets are carefully pushed up from below onto the burner plate. As a result, the ember bed remains absolutely stable and no additional dust eddies are generated. The pellets fully burn out in four clearly delimited combustion zones.

Clean due to the underfeed combustion system
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