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Heat pumps
KWB heat pumps prepare hot water. Low installation expenditures and high efficiency.
[Translate to United Kingdom:] KWB Wärmepumpen bereiten Warmwasser. Geringer Installationsaufwand und Hohe Effizienz.

Heat pump heating for hot water preparation

KWB offers hot-water heat pumps for either air circulation or fresh air operation or with a heating register as the perfect addition to a biomass heating system.

KWB Empaair Wärmepumpe
KWB EmpaAir – heat pump
  • Plug-in ready indoor placement
  • Integrated photovoltaics interface
  • High domestic hot water temperatures
EmpaAir Hydro Split
KWB EmpaAir Hydro Split
  • Perfect heating support in the periods just before and after summer
  • Cost savings thanks to use of surplus PV 
  • Easy installation due to split design
  • Intuitive operation and quiet operation

How does a heat pump function?

The functional principle of a heat pump is easily explained: The pump withdraws heat from its environment (environmental energy) and gives it off tot he filament circuit of the building connected. In ordert o do so the pump needs electricity (driving energy).

The ambient air (1) is giving off part of its caloric energy to a liquid cryogen (2). In that way the cryogen vaporizes. After that it gets densified with the help of a compressor and driving energy. (3). In that way the cryogen warms up.

In the condesor the cryogen gives off part of its caloric energy  to the heating circuit (5) and fluidises again (4). Because of an expansion valve the cryogen depressurizes (6). After that the process starts all over again.

The coefficient of performance is an important technical information when it comes to heat pumps. COP describes the proportion of the thermal output that has been generated to the electric power. If the coefficient of performance of a heat pump is for example 4, the heat pump produces 4 kWh heat by consuming only 1 kWh electricity. 

KWB heat pumps are government-funded.

That’s why KWB heat pumps are your best choice!

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