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KWB Comfort 4Easy and flexible operation
  • Dual control thanks to the proven dial and touchscreen display
  • Modular setup
  • Can be combined with the KWB Comfort Online platform wich lets you control your heating remotely

Regulate heating

Quality that meets the industrial standard

All the devices and the manufacuring oft he KWB Comfort 4 meet the industrial standard. Its reliability can therefore be guaranteed.

Intelligent operation

KWB Comfort 4 makes for easy and efficient heating. Its practical fill level sensor will always display how much log wood you need to add to efficiently operate your system. 

The request ensures that your log wood boiler automatically ignites as soon as the heating sys¬tem requests heat. The system thus consistently maintains the room and warm water temperatures that you specified in the system.

Remote control

The KWB Comfort 4 control system comes with the KWB Comfort Online system which enables you control your heating remotely via smartphone, tablet or PC.