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Pellet heating systems
Efficient state-of-the-art pellet heating systems using wood pellets. Automatic operation and low running costs.
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Biomass pellet boiler

KWB Easyfire Pelletheizung
KWB Easyfire 2
2.4 - 38 kW
  • Fits in any heating room
  • Automatic filling and ignition
  • Virtually no cleaning required
  • Very clean combustion
KWB Easyfire 1 - Pelletheizung
KWB Easyfire 1
10 - 20 kW
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Easily fillable thanks to the 200-litre storage container
  • Intuitive operation
KWB Pelletfire Plus - Pelletkessel
KWB Pelletfire Plus
45 - 135 kW
  • Safe and economical thanks to the unique crawler burner
  • All-year maintenance-free thanks to the self-cleaning function
  • Easy operation
  • Particularly clean combustion
KWB Powerfire - Hackgutheizung und Pelletkessel
KWB Powerfire - Wood chip biomass boiler
150 - 300 kW
  • Flexible choice of fuels thanks to the unique revolving grate system
  • Large ash emptying intervals
  • Easy installation and quick maintenance
KWB Powerfire 2 - Hackgutheizung und Pelletkessel
KWB Powerfire 2
  • Particularly robust, high-quality industrial design
  • Highly efficient making it environmentally-friendly and economical
  • Very powerful making it very versatile

Why choose a biomass pellet boiler?

KWB pellet heating systems are an environmentally friendly alternative to gas or oil heating systems. They should not be mistaken for the commonly used pellet fire places that are usually found in living quarters. These systems are used as central heating systems and their operation is particularly easy and clean. 

No trees are cut down for the pellet production: Pellets consist to 90 per cent of damaged timber, wood shavings and saw dust – waste products in the timber industry. This is both climate-friendly and good for the regional circular economy. For this reason, pellet heating systems make a valuable and effective contribution to climate protection. Because wood is a renewable raw material, owners of a pellet-based central heating basically heat CO2-neutral. They also heat particularly cost-efficiently because the KWB underfeed burner burns the pellets highly efficiently.

What do biomass pellet systems consist of?

  • A stable housing
  • A heat-resistant combustion chamber where the fuel is burned
  • A stoking screw that sends fuel into the combustion chamber
  • A cellular wheel sluice that transmits the fuel to the burner and provides protection against burnback
  • An ash extraction system
  • A self-cleaning heat exchanger which ensures that the generated heat is transmitted to the heating water
  • Pellet boiler – pellet storage and conveyance

Pellet storage and conveyance

A pellet boiler also requires a storage room into which the pellets are injected fully automatically and dust-free. No major conversion work is required when switching from oil to wood. The old oil tank is removed and the pellet storage room is set up in the same space. The storage room, as a rule, holds all the pellets required in a year. Even humid basement rooms are not a problem. In this case, the pellets can be stored in the KWB Big Bag, a type of sack silo, or in a sheet metal tank.

It also includes a fuel extraction system that transports the fuel directly to the boiler. The KWB fuel extraction systems also permit transport of pellets to heating rooms that are located at a distance. KWB provides you with all you need – everything from one source. KWB quality products are operationally safe and also guaranteed Made in Austria.

Climate protection and a livable future

The main thing is that it is practical as well as sustainable. This is the motto the Schmidbauer family relied on when selecting their heating system. In addition to its KWB Easyfire pellet heating system in the basement, the family has a solar system on the roof. As a result, they are even more independent.

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Advantages of biomass pellet boilers

Easy transport and placement and installation

KWB biomass pellet boilers are particularly easy to transport and install in every type of heating room. They also fit in small and tight heating rooms. Thanks to KWB’s modular and easily transportable system, it is possible to dismantle the system into its individual modules and transport it piece by piece into the heating room. This saves time because the contractor has less work, and it protects the space because the weight and size of the individual parts area easier to handle. 

Fully automatic and convenient operation

A KWB pellet heating system lets you sit back and relax. It is as effortless to operate as a gas or oil heating system. The pellet boiler is automatically filled with fuel and even the ignition is automatic. In addition, the system practically cleans itself. The only thing between the annually recommended service intervals is the ash box that needs to be emptied once or twice a year. In the comfort version, it is wheelable and has a pull-out handle.

Particularly clean and efficient combustion

KWB pellet boilers impress with their extremely low fuel costs and the lowest CO2 emissions among all central heating systems. Thanks to the patented underfeed burner system, the combustion is particularly clean and efficient and therefore very environmentally friendly and cost-efficient. The pellets are pushed onto the burner plate by a pellet conveyor screw. This ensures a stable firebed and prevents additional dust from being kicked up. The pellets burn out completely. The pellets that are pushed onto the burner plate push the ash off the edge of the burner plate, which then lands in the ash box. An extremely clean combustion is guaranteed. The fine-dust and carbon-monoxide emissions of all KWB pellet heating systems remain below even the strictest limit values in Germany and Austria. Due to the broadband lambda probe that is installed in the KWB pellet heating systems, the combustion is continuously monitored and optimally controlled. No fuel is wasted and the energy consumption is kept low.

Online control and maintenance

The KWB pellet heating system control is fully intuitive. All settings can be made using a combination of dial and touch display control. In addition, the boiler can also be controlled and maintained remotely with smartphone, tablet or PC. If desired, it is also possible to give the heating installer or the KWB Customer Service temporary access to the pellet boiler.

That’s why KWB biomass pellet systems

KWB underfeed burner system
Online control
Modular design
Premium quality Made in Austria

Pellet system - Easy and clean heating

KWB pellet heating systems are fully automatic and convenient central heating systems. They are as easily operated as traditional oil or gas heating systems, but at the same time, they are environmentally friendly and clean.