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Storage tank systems
KWB heating solutions and the associated system accessories fit perfectly. Turn your heating into an energy centre.

Storage tank systems & hot water tanks

From a heating system to a comprehensive solution

Choosing the right storage tank is critical for your wood-based central heating to operate efficiently and economically. It turns your heating system into a true energy centre. KWB can provide you with a full energy system from once source.


KWB EmpaTherm Brauchwasserspeicher
KWB EmpaTherm / Solar
  • High quality enamel
  • Energy efficiency class B
  • Available with solar register
KWB EmpaEco Pufferspeicher
KWB EmpaEco / Solar
  • Perfect entry model
  • Particularly efficient thanks to optimized insulation
  • Optionally available with solar register as EmpaEco Solar
  • Optionally available with a strata charging system
KWB EmpaCompact Schichtspeicher
KWB EmpaCompact - stratified storage tank
  • Energy centre on 1 m²
  • Attached fresh water station for hot water preparation
  • Connection option for 2 heating circuits
  • Several strata charging devices
KWB EmpaWell Wellrohr-Schichtspeicher
KWB EmpaWell / Solar - combi-storage tank
  • The ideal combination model
  • High heat transmission
  • Outstanding heat insulation
  • Optionally available with solar register
KWB EmpaFresh 40 Frischwassermodul
KWB EmpaFresh - fresh water station
  • Easy installation due to low piping expenditure
  • High output performance of 40 to 160 l/min
  • Switches quickly from cold to hot
  • Low limescale formation

Why a hot water storage tank

If you want to heat with a wood-based or pellet-based heating system, we recommend also looking into installing a storage system because the heat supply does not always match the heat requirement in terms of timing. To ensure that the generated energy does not get lost, it can be “temporarily stored” in a storage tank and then requested, when needed, and distributed to the respective heating circuits (radiant floor heating, etc.). KWB storage tanks here stand for highest quality and permit a perfect and highly efficient heat management. In addition to the traditional hot water storage tank, KWB offers the following storage systems.

KWB hot water storage tank systems at a glance:

Hot water tanks: contain domestic hot water, also called service water or process water. (KWB EmpaTherm)

Buffer tanks: supply heat for domestic hot water and heating. (KWB EmpaEco)

Stratified storage tanks: are special buffer storage tanks that store hot water in different stratas based on the water’s temperature level and are even more efficient. (KWB EmpaCompact)

Combi-storage tanks: are a combination of buffer and stratified storage tanks and hot water preparation. (KWB EmpaWell)

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Advantages of a sophisticated storage technology

More efficient

A buffer storage tank reduces the emissions of a heating system because the boiler operates at a constant output for longer. At the same time, it increases the efficiency and service life of a heating system.

More compact

A buffer or stratified storage tank with integrated domestic hot water preparation (KWB EmpaWell combi-storage tank) saves space in the heating room because a separate domestic hot water heater is no longer required. Together with a solar register, it turns into a compact and comprehensive energy centre.

More hygienic

A buffer or stratified storage tank with separate fresh water module (KWB EmpaCompact multi-functional buffer storage tank) and a high-efficiency pump prepares your drinking water particularly hygienically, on-demand and energy-efficient.