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KWB EmpaWell - Combi-storage tank and DHW
KWB EmpaWell / Solar - Combi-storage tankBuffer & DHW preparation all in one
Single- and multi-family
Agriculture and forestry
Industry and housing

Economical combi-storage tank

Buffer & DHW preparation all in one

The KWB EmpaWell combi-storage tank combines the functions of a buffer tank and a hot water tank, all in one product. It is primarily used in single-family houses and can be optimally combined with a KWB pellet heating system.

It is available in the following sizes:

500 l  |  800 l  |  1.000 l  |  1.500 l

With the KWB EmpaWell combination storage tank, you will always immediately have hot water available. The EmpaWell is equipped with a strata charging device. As a result, the fresh water which flows through the buffer storage tank-integrated heat exchanger does not touch the heating water. The two are separated by a corrugated stainless steel pipe. The supply of the fresh water occurs without a pump and therefore without added energy costs. You can also tap hot water in the event of a power failure.

The heat generation by the heating boiler is hydraulically decoupled from the consumers. The boiler does not need to start and stop as frequently. This ensures fewer emissions. The KWB EmpaWell is also particularly efficient because it is insulated with fibre fleece, a ground insulation and covering caps. These prevent that the hot water, which is needed for the heating units, cools down.

KWB EmpaWell Solar: Buffer and hot water storage tank with solar

The KWB EmpaWell combi-storage tank is equipped with connections for solar thermal energy generation and can thus be used as EmpaWell Solar. It uses the free-of-charge sun energy to heat the hot water. If there is excess energy, it is used for the heating system. The radiant floor heating can also be operated in this way. If the sun is not powerful enough, the boiler starts up to provide support.

It is available in the following sizes:

500 l  |  800 l  |  1.000 l  |  1.500 l

  • The ideal combination model
  • High heat transmission
  • Outstanding heat insulation
  • Optionally available with solar register
[Translate to English:] KWB Easyfire

Can ideally be combined with the KWB Easyfire

The KWB Easyfire is the ideal pellet heating system for redevelopments or new constructions. It is installed both in single-family and multi-family houses in the output range from 2.4 to 38 kW.

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