KWB Classicfire Log-wood heating system
Less stoking required, easier heating
Asche-Entsorgung leicht gemacht
More convenience thanks to automatic ignition

KWB Classicfire

Classic and convenient heating

  • More comfort: The 185 l filling chamber, the largest of its class, guarantees long refilling intervals: 185 l for logs of 50 cm lengthwise and 33 cm widthwise
  • Possibility to upgrade to a combination boiler without major expenditures
  • Quick heat thanks to the quick charge valve
  • Added value: automatic ignition, automatic heat exchanger cleaning or ash container provide even more comfort
18 - 38 kW
Log wood
Single- and multi-family house
Agriculture and forestry

Efficient heating and  long refill intervals

The KWB Classicfire has a 180 litre filling chamber that ensures long refill intervals. Thanks to the optional automatic ignition with configurable ignition it can be activated  individually. If you like the KWB Classicfire also comes with the KWB Comfort 4 control system which enables you control your heating remotely! You can also decide upon an automatic heat exchanger for maximum comfort.

Thanks to the broadband lambda probe clean combustion can be guaranteed. We recommend a combination of a KWB Classicfire and a buffer storage tank. In that way you will be able to use the heat as efficiently as possible.

Grading up: Combination boiler

The KWB log wood gasifier comes standard with a pellet flange, making it easy to upgrade to a combination boiler at a later point in time, the so-called KWB Combifire. You will already receive State funding when it comes to the KWB Classifire. However, the state funding with the KWB Combifire boiler is even higher.

Only little space?

You can get the KWB Classicfire as well as the KWB Combifire equipped with a 150 litre fill chamber and a smaller buffer storage tank.

Storage room technique and fuel transportation system

kein Lagerraum vorhanden

Lagerraum weiter von Heizung entfernt

Händische Befüllung über Vorratsbehälter

Der Vorratsbehälter wird je nach Verbrauch per Hand gefüllt. Eine Nachrüstung auf eine automatische Raumaustragung ist möglich.


Die KWB Förderschnecke mit Saugförderung eignet sich besonders für weiter vom Heizraum entfernte, längliche Pelletlagerräume. Sauglängen von 25 Meter und Höhenunterschiede bis zu 5 Meter zwischen Heiz- und Lagerraum können problemlos bewältigt werden.

Advantages in detail

Less stoking required, easier heating

At 185 litres, the largest fuel fill room of its category was designed for logs half a metre long, thereby ensuring long intervals between refills. The generously-dimensioned front door ensures a high level of convenience when heating. The carbonisation gases are automatically extracted when the combustion chamber door is opened.

Less stoking required, easier heating
KWB modular assembly system

Straightforward assembly thanks to a modular and easily transportable system

Thanks to the KWB modular assembly system, the boilers can be divided into several modules. So they can be transported in almost every boiler room and mounted in confined spaces. That saves time and money.

Upgrade to a combi-boiler possible

The KWB Classicfire log wood heating system can be easily upgraded to a pellet/log wood combi-boiler thanks to the pellet flange mounted on the left side of the system.
The pellet burner is our 40,000-times proven burner from the Easyfire pellet heating system. The combi-boiler can be combined with all KWB pellet conveyor systems, including screw conveyor systems.

Upgrade to a combi-boiler possible
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