KWB Pelletfire Plus Pellet heating 45 - 135 kW
KWB Crawler Burner
Fuel recognition plus for an automatic adjustment of the combustion controls when fuel qualities change

KWB Pelletfire Plus

The robust pellet boiler for economical heating

  • Clean combustion: Crawler burner
  • CFD-optimised nozzle geometry and arrangement
  • High efficiency combustion
  • Automatic ash removal
45 - 135 kW
Industry and housing

Extremely low emissions, economical operation and high performance characterize the Clean Efficiency technology developed by KWB and integrated into this boiler with all its advantages. The KWB Pelletfire Plus is based on this very promising state-of-the-art technology, combining minimal emissions with efficient heating power without sacrificing performance and comfort.

The KWB Pelletfire Plus is equipped with the KWB Comfort 4 control system

Quick heat and more efficiency

We recommend using a KWB thermal storage system. This will not only allow you to run your heating cleaner and more efficiently, you will also be able to have heat available quickly when needed.

Storage room technique and fuel transportation system

Lagerraum weiter von Heizung entfernt

Lagerraum direkt neben der Heizung


Die KWB Förderschnecke mit Saugförderung eignet sich besonders für weiter vom Heizraum entfernte, längliche Pelletlagerräume. Sauglängen von 25 Meter und Höhenunterschiede bis zu 5 Meter zwischen Heiz- und Lagerraum können problemlos bewältigt werden.


Die KWB Förderschnecke mit Knickschnecke ist die ideale Lösung bei einem länglichen, neben dem Heizraum angeordneten Lagerraum. Die Förderschnecke ist in verschiedenen Längen erhältlich. Das extrem leise Fördersystem ist wartungsfrei, absolut zuverlässig und hat einen minimalen Eigenstrombedarf.

Advantages in detail

KWB Crawler Burner

The KWB crawler burner is the core of the KWB Multifire pellet and wood-chip heating system and the KWB Pelletfire Plus pellet heating system. Thanks to its fuel flexibility and its automatic adjustment to changing fuel qualities, the KWB crawler burner is a true all-rounder, well-equipped including for various pellet fuels.

KWB Crawler Burner
KWB Dust Filter E Plus

KWB Dust Filter E Plus

The KWB dust filter functions on the principle of electrostatic particle separation and removes the fine dust contained in the exhaust gas. The removed filter dust is collected in a generously-dimensioned ash tray which is conveniently and cleanly operated from the front. With the KWB dust filter EPlus, fine dust is no longer an issue, even with changing fuel qualities.

Clean and convenient

Ease of operation is our highest priority, regardless of whether we focus on how to handle the ash container, the system's quiet operation or the intuitive and very simple control of the system.

Clean and convenient
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