Wood chip boilers

wood chips as fuel

Economical heating with wood chips

KWB wood chip heaters are multi-talented: They burn different quality-types of wood chips efficiently and with low emissions, because they automatically recognize the fuel currently used. Our wood chip boilers work fully automatically.

Wood chip fired heating systems are truly economic solutions as wood chips are a regional product. Fluctuating fuel qualities are no challenge for a KWB wood chip boiler and its KWB crawler burner.

Just to make sure

Reliability is a central quality attribute when it comes to our wood chip fired boilers. That is why our KWB wood chip fired boilers do not only consist of robust components but also:

  • The main burner parts are casted and consist of self-cleaning components. The concept stems from large biomass combined heat and power stations.
  • We offer some comprehensive service- and maintenance packages.

Customized solutions

We offer different kinds of storage room systems that fit the individual requirements of a wood-chip fired heating. Everything will be planned individually. We also support you when it comes to the different possibilities for grants in order to help you reduce the investment costs.

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