KWB Multifire
Robust all-rounder for economical heating

KWB Multifire

Robust all-rounder for economical heating

  • Flexible choice of fuel thanks to unique crawler burner
  • Optimum heat exchange through high-efficiency heat exchangers
  • High efficiency turbulators

Flexible and robust 

The KWB Multifire wood chip and pellet heating system contains a crawler burner with high-alloy and self-cleaning cast grate components. Therefore, the system manages to cope with fluctuating fuel qualities. The Robust one-chamber cell wheel sluice with hardened, replaceable cutting edges, a deep filling chamber and large sealing surface maximises ist reliability. 

Another highlight is the optional large hopper (140 l) that is automatically filled with wood chips from the storage room. This means that the conveyor system starts up less often and only conveys wood chips when the hopper is empty. You thus minimize noise and power consumption and, if needed, you can even supply the boiler with fuel from the hopper. With hopper: 10 years full warranty on the conveyor system!

Totally efficient and stress-free

The recuperator consists of circulators that have a special geometry. In that way an enormous amount of heat energy can be conveyed from the flue gas to the heating system. The crawler burner makes for low emissions and high efficiency.

The KWB Multifire is equipped with the KWB Comfort 4 control system. Thanks to KWB comfort Online the system can be analysed, maintained and controlled remotely.
Just like all of our other KWB wood-fired heating systems the KWB Multifire wood chip and pellet heating system is government-funded.

Storage room technique and fuel transportation system

Lagerraum direkt neben der Heizung

Lagerraum weiter von Heizung entfernt


Die KWB Raumaustragung mit Bodenrührwerk und Förderschnecke ist das ideale Fördersystem für quadratische, rechteckige und runde Lagerräume. Die Förderschnecke besteht aus einer massiven, doppelt gelagerten Hohlwelle und wird kundenspezifisch angepasst. Das robuste und wartungsfreie Schwerlastgetriebe sorgt für geringen mechanischen Widerstand und wird über den Raumaustragungsmotor mit geringer Stromaufnahme angetrieben.

Rührwerk mit Übergabe nach unten

Bei Niveauunterschieden zwischen Lager- und Heizraum oder bei waagrechtem Einbau des Rührwerks steht diese innovative Steigschneckenvariante von KWB zur Verfügung.

Advantages in detail

KWB Crawler Burner

The KWB crawler burner is the core of the KWB Multifire pellet and wood-chip heating system and the KWB Pelletfire Plus pellet heating system. Thanks to its fuel flexibility and its automatic adjustment to changing fuel qualities, the KWB crawler burner is a true all-rounder, well-equipped including for various pellet fuels.

KWB Crawler Burner
KWB Dust Filter E Plus

KWB Dust Filter E Plus

The KWB dust filter functions on the principle of electrostatic particle separation and removes the fine dust contained in the exhaust gas. The removed filter dust is collected in a generously-dimensioned ash tray which is conveniently and cleanly operated from the front. With the KWB dust filter EPlus, fine dust is no longer an issue, even with changing fuel qualities.

High efficiency

The proven high efficiency turbulators from the KWB product family guarantee an optimal heat exchange which allows them to reach a consistently high efficiency coefficient both in partial load as well as nominal load.

High efficiency
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