KWB Company

KWB stands for power (Kraft) and heat (Wärme) from biomass and is synonymous with cutting-edge biomass heating systems from Austria. The brand from Styria in Austria was created by following a clear vision:

We provide energy for life!

Our company founders developed the first automatic wood-fired boiler in the world. Today we offer innovative heating solutions that work with ecofriendly energy sources. 80,000 customers already trust in our competence.

What makes us special? 

Our company philosophy! We focus on our costumers, our staff and on mankind on the whole when it comes to our entrepreneurial behaviour.

From a manufacturer to the brand

The company KWB - Kraft und Wärme aus Biomasse GmbH (power and heat from biomass) was founded in 1994 from the mechanic and organic farmer Erwin Stubenschrott and additional partners in Graz.

Three years later the company moved to St. Margarethen/Raab in Eastern-Styria. Since then the company has continuously expanded. In 2000, a second production hall was built, followed by the construction of a third only one year later. In 2003, the KWB Competence Centre was constructed. It is used to link industry expertise and image building.


The strong demand for biomass heating systems all across Europe led to the establishment of subsidiaries in Germany, Italy and France. In Ireland, the U.K., Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Spain, Chile and severeal other countries, KWB is represented by strong sales partnerships.

In the meantime, KWB has become known for its innovative edge with respect to renewable heating systems.

Majority shareholder and management of KWB

Since early September 2016 the company PDP Holding GmbH is the new majority shareholder of the company to ensure KWB to continue strategically growing. The PDP holding company whose headquarter is in Salzburg has different majority holdings in companies operating in the fields of innovative technology, sustainable development, publishing and gastronomy and culture. PDP Holding is individual, independent and future-oriented. The PDP Holding is in 100% ownership of the entrepreneur Peter Daniell Porsche and is headed by Rafael Walter as sole managing director. Since January 2018 the management of KWB GmbH is carried by Helmut Matschnig.

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