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Clean heating - cleanEfficiency 2.0
Even less carbon and fine dust. KWB heaters meet the highest European environmental standards.
Low carbon heating with biomass - Highest efficiency.

Low carbon heating

Nearly free of fine dust

All KWB boilers in the premium segment come with the cleanEfficiency 2.0 label. It indicates

  • lowest emission values
  • highest efficiency
  • low energy consumption
  • a perfect alignment of construction and control elements

Thanks to our cleanEfficiency 2.0 technology, KWB heating systems meet highest European environmental standards. All limit values required by the EU Ecodesign Directive with regard to emissions values, degree of efficiency and energy consumption are fulfilled. The values of our heating systems fall below the strict limit values both in partial load operation and in nominal load operation. At the heart of it all is the innovative burner concept with cleanEfficiency 2.0 technology. KWB uses three different burners in its systems. These guarantee combustion with exceptionally low emissions. But our control technology also plays an important role.

Clean heating with the KWB underfeed burner

Clean heating with the KWB underfeed burner

The patented KWB underfeed burner, which is being used in pellet operations, ensures a particularly careful combustion. The burner plate of above average size creates an absolutely stable firebed. The pellets fully burn out in four clearly demarcated combustion zones. The automatic ash removal from the burner plate is performed on one level – falling, dust-raising ash is avoided. An additional fine dust separator ensures that heavy dust particles do not even make it to the exhaust gas flow. With cyclone technology, which uses centrifugal forces, the dust particles are pressed to the outside and dropped into the ash box. This prevents that fine dust particles are emitted through the chimney into the air.
KWB pellet heating systems are additionally equipped with a broadband lambda probe which was specially developed for biomass heating systems. It continuously monitors and controls the combustion.

Clean heating with the KWB crawler burner

Clean heating with the KWB crawler burner

The robust KWB crawler burner, which is used in pellet systems or wood chip burners, has been manufactured according to industrial standards and acts like a “conveyor belt” for fuels. It consists of high-alloy cast and self-cleaning revolving grate components. The movable grate has no trouble handling various fuel qualities. Here also, pellets or wood chips are burned out particularly cleanly because the firebed remains undisturbed and therefore no dust particles are kicked up. Even cleaner is the operation with the optional KWB dust filter E-Plus. It operates based on the electrostatic particle separation principle and thus separates out the fine dust contained in the exhaust gas. The cleaned filter dust is automatically removed 24/7 into a large-sized ash tray. The optional exhaust gas recirculation which is placed at the exhaust gas connection of the boiler is also available. It reroutes part of the cooled down exhaust gas that is created during combustion and sends it back to the combustion chamber thereby cooling the firebed on the grate, which additionally reduces the emission of fine dust.

KWB revolving grate burner with cyclone combustion  chamber

KWB revolving grate burner with cyclone combustion chamber

The KWB revolving grate burner with cyclone combustion chamber is responsible for a particularly quiet and calm combustion in pellet systems and wood chip operation in a large output range. A unique feature is the revolving grate burner system where the fuel is pushed into the pre-combustion chamber from the side and transported onto a revolving grate. Thanks to the revolutions of the grate, the fuel is optimally burned out while being transported through the combustion chamber before a special grate cleaning system ensures removal of the ash. The utilized revolving grate principle is equipped with a stepped combustion air supply and, thanks to the cyclone combustion chamber, ensures maximum fuel utilization, a permanently high degree of efficiency and low emissions.

Clean heating with the KWB control technology

Clean heating with the KWB control technology

The KWB Comfort 4 control concept ensures optimum combustion conditions, lowest emissions and highest profitability. The intelligent control logic quick reacts to changes in the combustion process which is, for example, caused by fluctuating fuel qualities. 

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