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Remote control and operation - KWB Comfort Online
KWB Comfort Online- Remote controlSimple and comfortable remote control
  • Individual access control when it comes to settings and troubleshooting
  • Modular expandability
  • Plug & play with new systems, however retrofittable
  • Optional remote monitoring via additional function and data packages

Wireless heating control

Remote control and maintenance from all over the word

If anything changes concerning the status of your heating you will immediately get informed via sms or mail. You can easily control heating times, programs and temperatures via smartphone, tablet or PC. You can also start your heating remotely while for example being on your way home. In that way it will already be cosy on your arrival.

Security and individual access control

It is only you who can enable someone else for example your plumber or the KWB customer service to access your heating system. The connection between the boiler and the KWB Comfort Online platform is secured by a codification that is commonly known from online banking (Captcha, Tan and SSL).

Optimisation of asset groups

Professional users (contractors, craftspeople, residential property developers) visualise, analyse and maintain whole asset groups with the aid of KWB Comfort Online.

Detailed analyses on a log term can be conducted.

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The KWB Comfort Online platform enables a simple and comfortable control of the KWB heating system remotely. The Comfort Online platform lets you monitor and control the heating system via smartphone, tablet or laptop/PC from anywhere in the world. It is not necessary to install an app or software. Comfort Online immediately recognises the type of browser-enabled operating unit and automatically adjusts the respective user interface. The visualisation oft he heating and the remote control are complimentary. The functional scope of Comfort Online can be expanded according to requirements with the optionally available function packages (professional, expert) and data packages that are available in the onlineshop.

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