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Biomass storage & conveyor
The individual storage concept for every room size.
The individual storage concept for every room size.

Biomass storage and conveyor systems

Our fuel storage systems for pellets and wood chips including suitable conveyor systems are particularly flexible and can be adapted exactly to your room layout. Regardless of whether your fuel storage room is right next to the heating, further away or outside of the building – we have the right concept for any situation.

Pellet stirrer – the optimal conveyor system

Pellet stirrer – the optimal conveyor system

A solution that makes best use of your storage room. An inclined floor is not required, and the fuel storage room will need cleaning only once every ten years. Thanks to the solid construction of the conveyor system, it is suitable both for smaller pellet storage rooms and for large pellet storages with more than 40 tons capacity. 

Biomass fuel conveyor systems

In the building, the fuels are usually stored in storage rooms in the basement or the attic. This requires a well thought out solution for the conveyance of the fuel to the heating.
Our specially adapted sampling probes can also be used in irregular shaped storage rooms, they are easy to install and convey the fuel reliably to the heating system. The conveyance occurs automatically.

A suction extractor, a screw or a stirrer extracts the fuel from the storage room (only for pellets). The conveyance to the boiler occurs automatically with the suction conveyor (only pellets) or a screw. We will be happy to assist with the planning of your custom solution (e.g. drop shaft, push floor).

The conveyor screw can be flexibly used – we have an ascending screw and also screw extensions available. It operates almost noiselessly, has an extremely low power consumption and is maintenance-free.

KWB biomass storage benefits

Fail safety

KWB offers robust, low-maintenance fuel storage technology.


Thanks to our tailored concept, you will be able to perfectly use all of the available space so that refilling your fuel storage will only be required very rarely.

System efficiency

A coordinated fuel concept protects your pellets and thus minimizes the fines content in the fuel and maximizes the efficiency of your wood-based heating.

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