Log wood boilers & combi boilers

Logwood as fuel

Classic heating with log wood

Heating with log wood is the most original form of heating. Modern combi heaters additionally offer the convenience of fully automatic pellet modules.

Our log wood fired boilers and combination boilers guarantee for independence. Wood is a local fuel. The delivery channels are short. On top of that you will get the highest state funding for a combination boiler. If you decide to combine the boiler with a solar array you can get up to 10.000 euros and more from the state.

KWB log wood fired boilers: particularly comfortable

Our carburetors for log wood are totally easy to operate. The KWB Classicfire has a 180 litre filling chamber, the largest of its class, that ensures long refill intervals. On top of that the boiler indicates on the control display how much firewood you should refill.

That is why KWB Log wood-fired boilers & Combination boilers

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