Storage technology

Your complete energy system from a single source

The right storage ensures that your heating becomes an energy central: The storage takes the warmth from the heat generator and distributes it based on demand.

There are boilers, buffer storages and stratified tanks. Hot water storages contain heated raw water. Buffer storages provide heat for raw water and heating. Stratified tanks are special buffer tanks that store warm water in different layers depending on its temperature which is highly efficient. KWB storages are also available combined with a solar contactregister so that a solar-thermal plant can be incorporated.

Advantages of a KWB storage room system?

  • Reliability
    KWB offers particularly low maintenance storage room systems.
  • Comfort
    Fuel storage: Long refilling intervals as the available space gets optimally used.
  • Efficiency
    The sorage room concept protects the pellets, minimizes the dust and maximizes the efficiency of your wood fired heating.
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