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KWB EmpaTherm Storage system
KWB EmpaTherm / Solar - Domestic hot water tankThe minimum for wood-fired heating

Domestic hot water tank (DHW)

The stable hot water storage tank

The KWB EmpaTherm hot water tank is predominantly used in single-family houses and in small heating rooms. It can be optimally combined with a KWB pellet heating system. It heats the drinking water in the storage tank which can then be used for showers or dish washing.

The KWB EmpaTherm is available in the following sizes:

200 l  |  300 l  |  500 l

Long service life

Even with guests in the house, there is no need to worry whether you have sufficient hot water available. The storage tank has a large output capacity and can quickly supply large quantities of domestic hot water.

The KWB EmpaTherm is a quality product with a particularly long service life. Thanks to its high-quality enamelling (a type of glass coating on the inside of the storage tank), the EmpaTherm does not develop limescale. It is resistant against hard water, water conductivity and the pH value of the water.

However, if your water is particularly limy, we recommend cleaning the hot water storage tank every four to five years. You can perform the cleaning via the easily accessible cleaning flange. The lime that has accumulated over the years can be easily removed. This ensures maximum efficiency for your KWB EmpaTherm.

KWB EmpaTherm Solar: Hot water tank with solar register

The KWB EmpaTherm is equipped with connections for solar thermal energy and can also be used as EmpaTherm Solar. It uses the free-of-charge sun energy to heat the hot water. If the sun is not powerful enough, the boiler starts up to provide support.

The KWB EmpaTherm Solar is available in the following sizes:

300 l  |  500 l

The minimum for wood-fired heating: The DHWC

The use of a domestic hot water cistern only fulfils the minimum heating system requirements. With optimized dimensioning you can, naturally, operate our heating systems without a buffer tank, but you will not be able to benefits from the advantages offered by the KWB EmpaCompact, KWB EmpaWell or KWB EmpaEco.

  • Quickly meets large hot water demand
  • Insensitive to fluctuating water quality
  • Cleaning flange for easy maintenance
  • Optionally available with solar register
[Translate to English:] KWB Easyfire

Can ideally be combined with the KWB Easyfire

The KWB Easyfire is the ideal pellet heating system for redevelopments or new constructions. It is installed both in single-family and multi-family houses in the output range from 2.4 to 38 kW.

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