KWB: The specialist for wood-based central heating

KWB offers individual solutions for heating with wood. Whether it is a refurbishment, a new building, a farm or a business, we have the pellet heating, the wood chip boiler or the log boiler that fits you.

Solutions for Single- and multi-family households
Single- and multi-family house
Ideal for customers that want a fully automated and easy to use heating system.
Your heating system for agriculture and forestry
Agriculture and forestry
Robust heating systems for generations.
Industry and housing
Our experts support your planning - so we deliver a complete solution that ideally suites you.

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Overview of KWB heating solutions

Pellet heating systems

Wood chip boilers

Wood-fired boilers logs & pellet boilers

Comfortable and automatic

KWB is your specialist when it comes to heating with pellets. We have got 20 years of experience 80,000 customers already trust in our competence.

Flexible and inexpensiv

Wood chip fired heating systems are truly economic solutions as wood chip is a regional product. Therefore, it is inexpensive. 

Traditionell and independent

Our log wood fired boilers and combination boilers guarantee for independence. Wood is a local fuel. The delivery channels are short. On top of that you will get the highest state funding for a combination boiler.

KWB offers this

KWB provides solutions for renewable heating systems. The core competences of KWB are pellet heating systems, wood chip heating systems and log wood heating systems in the power range from 2.4 to 300 kW. Thermal solar systems, heat storage and control technology, storage- and conveyor systems as well as heat pumps complete the offer and enable every customer to find the perfect total solution.

The company is headquartered in St Margarethen / Raab in Austria with subsidiaries in Germany, Italy and France and strong distribution partners in 16 other countries, from Canada to Chile, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Norway and Japan. The company currently employs 264 people across the Group.

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