KWB Combifire Wood-fired boilers logs & Pellet boilers
Proven pellet burner system for safe operation
More convenience thanks to automatic ignition
Automatic cleaning of the heat exchanger

KWB Combifire

Our combi-boiler: Flexible and safe heating

  • 40,000 times proved underfeed burner from KWB Easyfire
  • convenient and clean ash removal with a movable ash container
  • automatical switch between log wood and pellets
18 - 38 kW
Log wood & pellet
Single- and multi-family house
Agriculture and forestry

Full independence

The KWB Combifire log wood-pellet-combiboiler is a combination of heating classically with logs or fully automatic with pellets. In the range of 18 - 38 kW, the new Combifire reliably provides single and double family houses as well as farms with heat.

Flexible - not only for fuel selection

Depending on the circumstances, the boiler can be divided into three parts for safe and easy installation. In addition, the pellet burner can be retrofitted with every KWB Combifire - guaranteed for 15 years.

Automatic cleaning and ignition

The ashes container of the pellet burner can be moveable on request for increased comfort. The automatic ignition and the automatic cleaning of the heat exchanger are further added value positions.

The KWB Combifire helps with correct filling with log wood: Heating owners are indicated on the control display how much firewood they should refill.

Highly efficient and proven

Thanks to two independent burner systems, you benefit from particularly high efficiency in pellet and logwood operation. The switching between the operating modes is automatically controlled by the central heating.

Easy operation even remotely

The KWB Comfort 4 control unit comes with dual control thanks to the proven dial and touchscreen display. The KWB Comfort Online platform lets you control your heating remotely!

Storage room technique and fuel transportation system

kein Lagerraum vorhanden

Lagerraum weiter von Heizung entfernt

Lagerraum direkt neben der Heizung

Händische Befüllung über Vorratsbehälter

Der Vorratsbehälter wird je nach Verbrauch per Hand gefüllt. Eine Nachrüstung auf eine automatische Raumaustragung ist möglich.


Die KWB Förderschnecke mit Saugförderung eignet sich besonders für weiter vom Heizraum entfernte, längliche Pelletlagerräume. Sauglängen von 25 Meter und Höhenunterschiede bis zu 5 Meter zwischen Heiz- und Lagerraum können problemlos bewältigt werden.


Die KWB Förderschnecke mit Knickschnecke ist die ideale Lösung bei einem länglichen, neben dem Heizraum angeordneten Lagerraum. Die Förderschnecke ist in verschiedenen Längen erhältlich. Das extrem leise Fördersystem ist wartungsfrei, absolut zuverlässig und hat einen minimalen Eigenstrombedarf.

Advantages in detail

Proven pellet burner system for safe operation

The cast underfeed burner with stainless steel burner plate comes from our 40,000-times proven KWB Easyfire pellet heating system. The water-jacketed pellet burner is particularly efficient and clean.

Proven pellet burner system for safe operation
Ash removal made easy

Ash removal made easy

Instead of being mounted on the log wood boiler, the ash container can be placed underneath the system in the case of log-wood operation in order to save space. If required, it can be simply hooked into place directly under the stoking door. The optional movable ash container for the pellet burner provides even greater convenience.

More convenience thanks to automatic ignition

The KWB Classicfire is equipped with an automatic ignition, upon request. This means you can fill the boiler with logs and specify a time when it should automatically ignite. And you will always be greeted by comfortable warmth whenever you come home. Even more comfort is provided by the automatic heat exchanger cleaning.

More convenience thanks to automatic ignition
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