KWB EmpaEco Buffer storage tank

KWB EmpaEco / Solar

Increase your heating's efficiency with a KWB buffer

  • Particularly efficient due to optimized insulation (fibre fleece, floor insulation, cover caps)
  • Quick installation thanks to the pre-mounted fibre fleece insulation
  • Also available as EmpaEco Solar with solar register

If you wish to integrate a heating system-supporting solar system, we can also offer you the buffer storage tank as KWB EmpaEco Solar with solar register.

Our KWB EmpaEco and EmpaEco Solar range includes the following storage tank capacities:

KWB EmpaEco

600 l 
800 l 
1.000 l
1.500 l
2.000 l 
3.000 l 

KWB EmpaEco Solar

1.000 l
1.500 l

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