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Industry and housing
High-performance economic wood heating systems for pellets and wood chips.
Economic heating system for pellets and wood chips.

Industry and housing - Wood heating systems

Reliable and comfortable warmth

We offer economical heating systems for pellets or wood-chips, which are clean and quiet in operation. Made for use in larger single or multi-family houses, hotels or commercial enterprises - up to a district heating network. Quality products made in Austria.

KWB heating solutions

KWB Pelletfire Plus - Pelletkessel
KWB Pelletfire Plus
45 - 135 kW
  • Safe and economical thanks to the unique crawler burner
  • All-year maintenance-free thanks to the self-cleaning function
  • Easy operation
  • Particularly clean combustion
KWB Multifire - Hackschnitzelheizung
KWB Multifire - Wood chip burner
20 - 120 kW
  • Flexible choice of fuels thanks to the unique crawler burner
  • Particularly efficient operation
  • More convenience thanks to a divided ash box
  • Particularly clean combustion
KWB Powerfire - Hackgutheizung und Pelletkessel
KWB Powerfire - Wood chip biomass boiler
150 - 300 kW
  • Flexible choice of fuels thanks to the unique revolving grate system
  • Large ash emptying intervals
  • Easy installation and quick maintenance
KWB EmpaWell Wellrohr-Schichtspeicher
KWB EmpaWell / Solar - Combi-storage tank
  • The ideal combination model
  • High heat transmission
  • Outstanding heat insulation
  • Optionally available with solar register

Why choose KWB wood heating systems?

  • Best After-Sales service
    through local installing partners
  • Controllable heat
    through detailed remote monitoring with KWB Visio
  • Planable expenses
    Through full warranty contracts and low operating costs
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