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Heating with wood has economical and ecological advantages. Switch now!

What is Biomass?

Biomass is organic material, derived from living or recently living organisms, which is used as fuel to create energy.

Replacing the heating system

If you want to have your heating replaced it is important to check out the date, duration and structural parameters first.

Grants and incentives

Your contribution to the protection of the environment will be rewarded. If you decide for a wood-fired boiler or a heat pump you will get a lot of federal and state furtherances.

4 sound reasons for heating with renewable energy:

Saving heating costs

If you permanently want to save heating costs you should think about heating with renewable resources. Prices for wood are stable and largely independant from the world market prices of oil and natural gas.

Security of supply

As the stretches of timber throughout Europe are constantly increasing the amount of wood available for heating increases as well. Annually, more wood regrows in our forrests than can actually be used. 

Protecting our climate

Heating with renewable resources works carbon-neutral. That means that when it comes to the combustion only as much carbon is being released into the atmosphere as is being absorbed by a tree during its growth. Heating with wood therefore means protecting our climate. 

Regional added value

Renewable sources of energy like for example wood secure local jobs. Our domestic economy benefits from that.