Replacing the heating system

Normally, the replacement of a heating system always follows the same pattern. First of all just contact your installer and inform him about your individuall requirements and desires. After that he will meet you on site. Together you will go through the structural conditions and talk about the avenue. He will submit an offer. If you accept the two of you will arrange an appointment. Finally the installer will dismantle your old heating system and install the new one. The whole exhange will take approximately one week.

When to switch your heating system?

From an economical point of view it depends on the efficiency of your heating system. You can save up to 45 % annually by heating with pellets instead of oil. Basically, we recommend switching the heating system during the warm months. From an ecological point of view, however, switching to a renewable energy source is always reasonable.

What is going to happen with my old oil-fired boiler?

Please ask our installer right away. In most cases the istaller ist taking care of your old oil-fired boiler.

I am heating with oil at the moment – do I have enough space for a modern pellet heating system?

Yes, you do! A pellet heating system including a fuel storage does not need any more space than an oil-fired heating. There is either enough space in the basement, in the buried tank or a weatherproof carport. Basically, a pellet fired boiler is set up in the boiler room, however, most of the time the oil tank storage room can be convered to a pellet storage room.

Do I have to adjust my exhaust gas system? How much of a big deal is that?

It is not a big deal. In most of the cases the installer is taking care o fit. A pipe made of high-grade steel or ceramic can easily be placed in the flue. This is necessary to keep the chimney dry.

How do the pellets get transferred to the storage room? What do I have to pay attention to?

The pettets are being delivered by a silo-tanker. The tanker blows the fuel through a sleeve, which is 30 meters long, into the storage room. It is even possible to blow the pellets into the storage room over a longer distance, however, in that case the delivery costs will be higher. The access for the lorry should have a width of 3 meters as well as a height of 4 meters. The intake socket and the Einblasstutzen? of the sorage room are ideally located on the outer wall and can easily be accessed.

Is there anything else that needs to be renewed?

That is different from object to object. However, no matter if you decide to buy a pellet heating or another heating system a hydraulic adjustment should be conducted. In that way old pumps and other power eater can get exchanged and efficient water reservoirs can be deployed.