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We Provide Energy for Life!

KWB stands for power and heat from biomass and is synonymous with innovative biomass heating systems. As pioneers in regenerative energies the company founders – August Raggam and Erwin Stubenschrott – have always had a clear vision: We Provide Energy for Life!

KWB started out in 1994 as a small four-person company. Building on a clear vision, we set ourselves the goal to make a significant contribution in transforming mankind's energy supply to renewable energies. Today KWB counts over 200 employees all over Europe. More than 75% of the business is made up from our exports.

KWB - The ideal solution for every application

From the individual family home to residential complexes - today, 80,000 customers all across Europe are supplied with heat from KWB biomass heating systems. Our additional focus is on community power supply in rural areas, as well as for commercial companies. KWB's product range includes wood pellet, wood chip and log-wood heating systems in the power range from 2,4 to 300 kW. Individual fuel extractor and storage systems complete our product offering and enable the ideal configuration of KWB biomass systems according to the customer's constructional situation. All KWB heating systems are equipped with the KWB Comfort control, which sets new standards with respect to ease of operation.

Meanwhile, KWB is well known for its innovative leadership with respect to biomass heating systems. To ensure KWB's innovative power for the future, the first research and development centre for biomass was built in 2006.

KWB KWB takes responsibility

As one of the largest employer in our community, and on the basis of our vision "We Provide Energy for Life!" and our mission statement, we are committed to a socially and ecologically sustainable economy. A special facet of this can be found in our company culture and the way we train our apprentices. In addition to technical training, we focus on the development of social and emotional competencies as anchors in our corporate culture. Our training programme can start with an apprenticeship and lead on to completion of a university course. KWB is a pioneering company that is committed to an economy focused on benefiting the community.

KWB and climate change

"The only chance we have to avoid a climate collapse and global warming is to convert mankind's energy supply to renewable energy."

With this conviction in mind, we continue our intense work studying the combustion of wood pellets, wood chips, log wood and future agricultural fuels (energy woods from the field).

20 years of KWB development


1994 Founded in Graz
1997 Move from Graz to St. Margarethen/Raab
2003 Construction of KWB Competence centre, Foundation KWB Academy
2004 Foundation KWB Bavaria
2005 Foundation KWB Slovenia and KWB Italy
2006 Construction of KWB Innovation centre
2007 Pellet crisis - Sales collapse
2008 Foundation KWB Germany and KWB France
2014 Construction KWB Visitor centre