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Wood chip and pellet storage overview

Our systems for large storage rooms are ideal for more powerful plants. The conveyor system for your chosen fuel, whether wood chips or pellets is individually tailored depending on your spatial conditions. Regardless of whether your fuel storage room is adjacent to the heating room, further away or outside of the building – we have the perfect solution for you. Thanks to the KWB Stirrer with diameters of 2.50 to 5.50 meters, you will always achieve optimum room utilisation.

Storage room with sloping floor directly adjacent to the heating room

The KWB Stirrer with conveyor screw is ideal for storage rooms that are adjacent to the heating room. The fuel on the sloping floor is transported directly to the boiler via the conveyor channel.

Storage room at a distance from the heating room

Even if your storage room is further away from the heating room, your fuel can be easily transported into your heating room. The wood chips or pellets reach the boiler at ground level via the ascending screw with the help of the stirrer and the screw conveyor. Thanks to the individually manufactured conveyor screw, lengths up to 11 meters are possible.

Storage room above the heating room

The storage room can also be located above your heating room, such as on the first floor of your house. A stirrer helps transport the wood chips or pellets to your boiler via a downpipe. The length of the pipe is adjusted depending on the conditions on site.

Storage room under the heating room

If the storage room is located below the heating room, such as in a basement, the wood chips or pellets are transported to the boiler with an ascending screw. The length of the ascending screw is adjusted depending on the conditions on site.

One storage room for several boilers

If you have several boilers (a boiler cascade), you can fill them with fuel from the same storage room. A stirrer with a double suction head makes it possible. Attention: This conveyor system is only suitable for pellets because of the suction conveyor system used. +43 3115 6116