KWB EmpaFresh
Just tap fresh water

KWB EmpaFresh

Just tap fresh water

  • Lower limescale formation due to the reduced heat-exchanger inlet temperature
  • Easy installation thanks to the low pipework expenditures with stainless steel corrugated pipes
  • Cascadability: High output capacity of 40 to 160 l/min
  • Quick response times thanks to the Yonos Para high efficiency pump

Komfortabler und sicherer Betrieb

The patented, extremely quick mixing/switchover valve guarantees the right amount and temperature of the requested drinking water at any time. Moreover, the KWB EmpaFresh has only very little limescale build-up because the water temperature is reduced when it enters the heat exchanger.

Easy to install

The KWB EmpaFresh fresh-water station is easy to install: Using stainless steel corrugated pipes, the station is simply connected to the buffer storage tank. The station is delivered ready to plug in.Cascade solutions can be implemented with an output capacity of up to 160 l/min, either mounted on a wall or as a stand-alone tower. KWB provides the tower with full electrical wiring and hydraulic connections. +43 3115 6116
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