KWB Powerfire
Quiet power package for reliable heating

KWB Powerfire

Quiet power package for reliable heating

  • Compact rotary-grate combustion system
  • Cyclone combustion chamber for minimum emissions
  • Convenient 240-litre ash container
  • Extendible substructure

In this power range in particular, the payback period is particularly short. This means that the KWB Powerfire can also be leased. The "Energie Genie" (Energy Genius) and "Energy Globe Award" innovation prizes are proof of the high product quality of the KWB Powerfire.

The KWB Powerfire is equipped with the KWB Comfort 3 control system.

KWB Comfort SMS

Using your mobile phone, you can interrogate your heating system in its various operating states and actively control it (eg holiday mode, evening mode).

KWB Comfort Visio

KWB Comfort Visio allows the visualization, monitoring and remote control of KWB heating systems using a remote computer.

KWB Comfort InterCom

KWB Comfort InterCom is an interface for the exchange of data between the KWB Comfort control module and external systems.

Advantages in detail

Easy online control

The KWB Comfort Online online platform provides quick and easy remote access to your KWB heating system. Heating owners can at any time check the operating status of their heating via the platform, and messages or status changes are reported via SMS or email. It is also possible to control heating times, heating programs and temperatures online.

An additional advantage: In the event of an error message, it is possible to grant temporary access to an expert - which allows KWB service technicians to solve small problems immediately online.

Easy online control
Best consultation for best overall solution

Best consultation for best overall solution

For heating systems in this power range, competent advice matters throughout the whole project duration. Perfect up-front and follow-up support for our customers are very important to us. And it is always the complete solution that matters, not just the heating system.

Innovative revolving-grate combustion system

The revolving-grate combustion system is a unique system in which the fuel is pushed sideways into the pre-combustion chamber and conveyed onto a rotary grate. The fuel is transported through the combustion chamber by means of grate rotation and achieves optimal burnout before a special grate cleaning system handles the ash removal.

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