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Wood heating systems
ood heaters for the home. Environmentally friendly and comfortable.
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KWB wood heating systems at a glance

KWB’s expertise is in pellet, wood chip and log wood heating systems, including combination heating systems in an output range of 2.4 to 300 kW. Regardless of which fuel you prefer, KWB can has the optimal heating system for you.

Pellet heating systems

KWB pellet heating systems are an environmentally friendly alternative to gas or oil heating systems. They should not be mistaken for the commonly used pellet fire places that are usually found in living quarters. These systems are instead used as central heating systems and their operation is particularly easy and clean.

Wood chip heating systems

KWB wood chip heating systems are the fully automatic alternative to oil or gas heating systems. They are particularly robust and constructed based on industry standards. The innovative KWB Crawler Burner is able to deal with different fuel qualities, ensures an economical and resource-saving combustion and helps reduce your costs.

Log wood heating systems

Wood is the oldest fuel in the world. Heating with log wood provides independence and safety. These wood-gasifier heating systems are ideal for all those who have a forest of their own or access to wood. The fuel is regionally available and cost-effective. In addition, heating with wood saves a lot of CO2 compared to oil and gas. Thanks to KWB's cutting-edge technology, heating with log wood today is highly efficient and convenient.

Combination heating systems

KWB log wood and pellet combination heating systems are particularly comfortable to operate. The filling can be done traditionally with log wood or fully automatically with pellets - KWB heating systems are highly flexible. Thanks to the combination of a log wood heating system with a pellet heating system, it switches automatically between the two fuels and provides heat even if you do not happen to be at home to refill. The combustion process is highly efficient.

KWB Combifire

Wood-based central heating systems

Wood is the oldest fuel in the world. Heating with wood means relying on a regional and renewable resource and still being able to enjoy unrivalled cosy heat in your own home. KWB has revolutionised heating with wood. Thanks to innovative solutions and modern technologies, the KWB wood-based central heating systems are cleaner than ever before and are as comfortable to operate as, for example, an oil or gas heating system. We offer an optimal solution for every need - from traditional heating with log wood to fully automatic pellet operation. With a wood heating system from KWB, you are turning your basement into an individual heating centre.

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A suitable heating for every area of application

Regardless of whether you have a single or multi-family house, agricultural or forestry business, commercial or hotel facility, KWB has the optimal heating system for every area of application. And with the perfectly matching system components, every heating room becomes an intelligent energy centre. The three pillars of a modern heating technology are: resource-preserving combustion, low energy costs and comfortable operation. The different KWB heating systems make it possible to adjust the system design exactly to the needs of the occupants and the individual circumstances of each real property.

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Single and multi-family house

A KWB pellet heating system is the ideal heating solution for new construction and redevelopment. An existing oil heating can be quickly and easily replaced with a pellet heating system. In addition to replacing the boiler, the room housing the oil tank can be converted into a pellet storage room within a few hours. A gas heating system can also be quickly converted to a wood heating system. If there is no space available for a pellet storage room, the pellets can also be stored outside, protected from the weather in a KWB Big Bag (sack silo).

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Agricultural and forestry business

Heating systems with a long service life that last for generations and provide outstanding operational safety due to the mature heating technology they use: KWB wood chip heating systems or log wood-pellet combination heating systems are manufactured based on industrial standards and are therefore ideally suited for agricultural and forestry businesses. This makes your heating robust and economical! The premium KWB wood-based heating systems are a safe investment in the future.

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Commercial and hotel facilities

Thanks to their large performance range combined with large fuel flexibility, KWB pellet or wood chip heating systems can be used in multi-family residential complexes, commercial businesses, hotels and district heating networks. A cascade system enables the operation of 2 to 8 boilers including an additional peak load boiler - which gives you up to 2,400 kW performance. The KWB boiler master-and-slave circuit, which has been perfected throughout the years, provides a demand-based and modulating power requirement and increases the efficiency of the individual components in the overall system.

A wood heating has three big advantages

  • Regionality & Independence

    Regardless of whether you use the wood from your own forest or buy your fuel in the form of pellets, in Europe, which boasts extensive forested areas, wood can be practically found on every doorstep. This means short transport paths and independence from deliveries from abroad.

  • Economic operation

    The combustion in KWB wood heating systems is so efficient that you need much less fuel and will be able to save costs.

  • Environmentally-friendly alternative

    A wood heating system is the optimal alternative to oil and gas heating systems. This has also been recognized by the authorities, and as a result, they offer high subsidies for replacing fossil fuel-based heating systems with eco-friendly wood gasifier boilers.

Advantages of having a KWB heating system

Newest technologies

KWB has revolutionized the heating with wood and has been an innovation leader in the field for more than 30 years.

Premium quality

KWB wood gasifier boilers are produced in industrial quality and are particularly robust and durable.

Made in Austria

KWB has its headquarters in Austria and stands for short supply routes and regional value creation. +43 3115 6116