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Wood chip boilers
Low-cost and flexible wood chip heating.
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Wood chip boilers

KWB Multifire - Hackschnitzelheizung
KWB Multifire - Wood chip burner
20 - 120 kW
  • Flexible choice of fuels thanks to the unique crawler burner
  • Particularly efficient operation
  • More convenience thanks to a divided ash box
  • Particularly clean combustion
KWB Powerfire - Hackgutheizung und Pelletkessel
KWB Powerfire - Wood chip biomass boiler
150 - 300 kW
  • Flexible choice of fuels thanks to the unique revolving grate system
  • Large ash emptying intervals
  • Easy installation and quick maintenance
KWB Powerfire 2 - Hackgutheizung und Pelletkessel
KWB Powerfire 2
  • Particularly robust, high-quality industrial design
  • Highly efficient making it environmentally-friendly and economical
  • Very powerful making it very versatile

Why choose a wood chip boiler?

KWB wood chip boilers are the fully automatic alternative to oil or gas heating systems. They are built according to industry standards. Thanks to the robust KWB crawler burner, they can easily manage various fuel qualities. Their operation is very cost efficient.

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What do wood chip boilers consist of?

  • A heat-resistant combustion chamber where the fuel is burned
  • A stoking screw that sends fuel into the combustion chamber
  • An ash extraction
  • A self-cleaning heat exchanger which ensures that the generated heat is transmitted to the heating water

A wood chip boiler must include both a storage room for the wood chips and an extraction system that transports the fuel directly to the boiler. At KWB, you get everything from one source. Our quality products are operationally safe and also guaranteed Made in Austria.

Continuously strengthening regional companies

From our own agricultural products through to the heating system. This is a matter that is close to Gregor Reicher's heart. This is why he is using wood from his own forest to design the façade of his house and supply energy to the farm. With the KWB Multifire wood chip heating, the farmer has bought a regional product in premium quality.

Advantages of wood chip boilers

Highly efficient and economical combustion

The core of a wood chip boiler is its burner. KWB has developed a unique crawler burner manufactured with cast technology. This type of system was originally used in large, industrial combustion systems.

The fuel is burned in a highly efficient and economical manner thanks to the crawler burner’s continuous operation, which makes it very flexible and able to adjust automatically to the fuel quality or characteristics. It burns only as much fuel as is absolutely necessary. The wood chips are produced from domestic wood that is regionally sourced. This guarantees short transport paths, and it also keeps heating costs low.

Comfortable and safe installation and operation

KWB wood chip boilers are easy to install. Due to their modular design, they are easy to transport and place even in tight heating rooms. They function fully automatically, starting with the fuel supply from the fuel storage all the way to the heat provision. They are also self-cleaning and extract the ash automatically. Between service intervals, only the ash container, which is divided into two parts in the optional comfort version, must be emptied out. In addition, the heating system can be controlled and maintained remotely using smartphone, tablet or PC. KWB wood chip boilers are characterised by their outstanding efficiency and operational reliability and their long service life.

Quiet and clean heating

With a KWB wood chip heating, there is also no need to worry about excessive noise. The central heating can be equipped with a hopper. It is automatically filled with wood chips from the storage room. While heating, the boiler can usually pull wood chips from the hopper. In this case, the large extraction system does not even need to run, which means it is completely noiseless. KWB wood chip heating systems can be additionally equipped with the dust filter E-Plus. This ensures that the combustion remains nearly fine dust-free even with fluctuating fuel qualities.

Flexible use

KWB wood chip boilers are available in the range of 20-300 kW. They are used both in multi-family houses, in agricultural companies, but also in commercial and hotel businesses. Heat suppliers also rely on wood chip heating systems.

Why a KWB wood chip boiler

KWB crawler burner
Modular design
Premium quality Made in Austria

Robust and economic heating with wood chips

KWB wood chip heating systems are fully automatic and convenient central heating systems. The unique KWB Crawler Burner ensures maximum flexibility with regard to fuels and a highly efficient combustion.

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