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Here you will find our efficient systems for heating with renewable energies. On the left, select your area of application and the fuel. On the right, we will show you fitting solutions.

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Energy source
Wood Air

KWB Easyfire

Pellet boilers
KWB Easyfire Pellet heating system

  • Easy operation
  • Dual control with remote option
  • Clean combustion
2,4-35 kW

KWB Combifire

Wood-fired boilers logs & Pellet boilers
KWB Combifire - Log wood and pellet heating system

  • 40,000 times proven pellet burner
  • Large fill chamber for log wood
  • modular assembly system
18-38 kW

KWB Easyfire 1

Pellet boilers
KWB Easyfire 1 Pellet heating system

  • Easy operation
  • Heating with KWB quality
  • Optional: Automatic filling with fuel
10-20 kW

KWB Classicfire

Wood-fired boilers logs
KWB Classicfire - Classic and convenient heating

  • Pleasant warmth
  • Dual operation
  • Quick heat
18-38 kW

KWB Multifire

Wood chip boiler & Pellet boilers
KWB Multifire - a robust all-rounder

  • Maximum flexibility
  • Reliable operation
  • Easy to maintain
20-120 kW

KWB Pelletfire Plus

Pellet boilers
KWB Pelletfire Plus pellet heating system

  • Low fuel consumption
  • Independent fuel location
  • Clean combustion
45-135 kW

KWB Powerfire

Pellet boilers & Wood chip boiler
KWB Powerfire - Pellet and wood chip heating system

  • Complete security
  • Comfort ashtray
  • Full 10-year guarantee



150-300 kW