KWB Partner Academy

At the KWB Academy, we train our customers, employees and partner companies to become biomass experts.

Only those who know what he is talking about are convinced. That is why education and training is one of the main pillars of KWB. Belong to our training center, the KWB Academy

  • Factory tours and courses for end customers and plant operators,
  • technical and commercial courses for installers as well
  • Further training opportunities for the KWB workforce

Mainly tradesmen undergo our training. The more training courses they complete, the more independent they are allowed to lend a hand to the KWB systems themselves.

The installers, who have not completed our basic training as a certified KWB partner, may sell KWB heaters, but do not yet assemble, install or service them. This remains reserved for our factory customer service and so-called KWB assembly or maintenance partners.

The highest level of certification that an installer in our academy can achieve is the Top Service Partner. These heating engineers are true KWB professionals and know our systems like your own pocket.