The human being in the center

More than 80,000 customers have trusted us so far and have chosen the KWB brand. This trust gives us the opportunity as a company not only to make an economic and ecological contribution, but also to live social responsibility.

KWB always puts people at the center of their decisions out of this value attitude. Because the economy is there for people and not the other way around. Partnership and appreciation are therefore a sign of our corporate culture. Because we are convinced that the careful handling of man and nature is the most important asset of our future. KWB vouches for this with its brand symbol: the KWB Tree of Life in the colors sun yellow and forest green.

Renewable energy by conviction!

Our mission statement is characterized by a comprehensive quality, environmental and risk policy. From this we have defined clear goals that we regularly discuss with our employees and, if necessary, change.

We give energy for life!