KWB EmpaWell Buffer storage tank and DHW

KWB EmpaWell / Solar

Buffer & DHW preparation all in one

  • Cost-efficient buffer tank entry model with strata charging device
  • Optimized corrugated profile for high efficiency and low limescale build-up
  • Highly efficient heat insulation (fibre fleece, floor insulation and cover caps)
  • Large solar register to integrate solar thermal heating system support
Single- and multi-family house
Agriculture and forestry
Industry and housing

The KWB EmpaWell corrugated tube stratified storage tank combines a buffer storage tank with domestic hot water preparation. A large solar register provides the option for connecting a solar thermal system. It is easy to install and can be done even at freezing temperatures since the fibre fleece insulation solution comprises fastener strips with hooks.

Available capacities:

500 l
800 l
1.000 l +43 3115 6116
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