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Wood burning boiler
Log wood or pellets? Both is possible, KWB log wood heating systems come standard with a combi boiler upgrade option.
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Wood burning boiler

KWB Classicfire - Holzvergaserkessel
KWB Classicfire - Wood gasification boiler
18 - 38 kW
  • Very long wood-refilling intervals
  • Convenient operation with a dial and touchscreen display
  • Can be upgraded to a log wood-pellet combination heating system
KWB Classicfire 1 - Stückholzheizung
KWB Classicfire 1 - Log boiler
15 - 20 kW
  • Small and compact entry model
  • More convenience with half-metre logs
  • Can be optimally combined with a domestic hot water heat pump

Why choose a log wood boiler system?

Wood is the oldest fuel in the world. Heating with log wood provides independence and safety. Log wood heating systems are ideal for all those who have a forest of their own or access to wood. The fuel is regionally available and cost-effective. In addition, wood-heating systems save a lot of CO2 compared to oil and gas. Thanks to KWB's cutting-edge technology, heating with log wood today is highly efficient and comfortable. 

What do log wood boiler systems consist of?

  • A fuel fill room
  • A high-temperature turbulator chamber where the fuel is burned particularly efficiently
  • A self-cleaning heat exchanger which ensures that the generated heat is transmitted to the heating water
  • A lambda probe that controls the combustion particularly efficiently
  • Wood burning boiler systems are combined with buffer storage tanks. The buffer tanks absorb heat energy, store it and dispense it to the heating or hot water preparation when required. This makes the heating even more efficient.

At KWB, you get everything from one source. Our premium products are operationally reliable and also guaranteed Made in Austria.

Traditional & convenient heating

Heating with log wood is the oldest form of heating. KWB’s log wood heating systems compel thanks to particularly long intervals between refills and their comfortable and intuitive operation.

Advantages of a KWB wood burning boiler

Easy installation and convenient operation

KWB log wood boilers can be delivered in one piece or, thanks to KWB’s modular and easily transportable system, in several modules and can be easily transported into almost every type of heating room. Our log wood heating systems win particularly thanks to their up to 185-litres measuring fuel fill room – the largest of its class. It is, for example, possible fill the KWB Classicfire with wood logs of up to half a meter in length. As a result, there is no need to constantly refill fuel, once or twice a day is sufficient to heat an average single-family house.

Intuitive operation 

KWB wood boilers can be operated either with a touch display, which also shows how much wood still needs to be refilled, or with a dial. The dial is particularly convenient if you are still wearing gloves after refilling wood. In addition, our log wood heating systems can be operated and maintained remotely from your smartphone, tablet or PC. Upon request, the KWB Classicfire can also be equipped with an automatic ignition. 

Upgrade quickly and easily to a log wood-pellet combination boiler

The KWB Classicfire wood gasification boiler is by default equipped with a connection option for a pellet module (pellet flange). This makes it possible to easily upgrade the boiler to a log wood-pellet combination boiler. If you choose a KWB combi-boiler, you will benefit from fully automatic operation. Even if you go on a longer holiday, your home will be nice and warm. The boiler detects when the log wood has run out and automatically switches to pellet operation.

That is why KWB wood boiler!

Modular design
Dual control panel
Controllable online
Premium quality "Made in Austria" +1 705-413-1050