Products - Biomass heating systems

You are interested in a specific heating system? Regardless of weather you are looking for a pellet boiler, a wood chip heating system, or supplies just like a storage system. Please find all the solutions here. 

Pellet heating system
Get informed about pellet heating systems for your single family home, business enterprise or hotel.
Wood chip boiler
Wood chip boiler
You are searching for a robust wood chip boiler which is suitable for agricultural and silvicultural enterprises as well as larger buildings? Click here to read more…
KWB: Storage technology
Storage technology
The right storage ensures that your heating becomes an energy central: The storage takes the warmth from the heat generator and distributes it based on demand.
Storage room technique
Storage room technology and fuel extraction
Our goal is to find the right storage room solution for your individual structural requirements. Upon request we also plan your special solution.
Intelligent control technology
Intelligent control technology
KWB offers intelligent control technology. The dual control system is really easy to handle thanks to the proven dial and touchscreen display.
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