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Boiler wood pellets
Log wood or pellets? Both is possible, KWB log boiler come standard with a combi boiler upgrade option.
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Combi heating - Boiler wood pellets

KWB Combifire - Stückholz-Pellet Kombikessel
KWB Combifire
18 - 38 kW
  • Automatic switching between log wood and pellets
  • Convenient and clean ash removal
  • Remote control and maintenance

Why choose a combi-heating system?

KWB log wood and pellet combination heating systems provide the greatest possible independence and full flexibility. They are suitable for those who love the process of manual heating, but also do not want to forego the convenience of an automatic pellet heating system. They automatically switch between the two fuel types. Thanks to this combination, the house remains cosy and warm even if the heating is not stoked with log wood. In this case, the pellet module starts up.

What do combi-heating systems consist of?

  • Two separate, heat-resistant combustion chambers where the two different fuels are burned
  • A stoking screw that sends pellets into the pellet burner
  • The ash extraction system of the pellet module
  • A joint, self-cleaning heat exchanger that ensures that the generated heat is transferred to the heating water

A log wood and pellet combi-boiler also requires a storage room into which the pellets are automatically and dust-free injected via the pellet supply truck. Even humid basement rooms are not a problem. In this case, the pellets can be stored in the KWB Big Bag, a type of sack silo.

It even contains a fuel extraction system that transports the fuel directly to the boiler. The KWB fuel extraction systems also permit transport of pellets to heating rooms that are located at a distance. We provide you with all you need – everything from one source. Our quality products are operationally safe and also guaranteed Made in Austria.


Everything from one source

Purchase your entire heating system from KWB and certified partners in your region.

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The advantages of a KWB combi-heating system

Quick and easy installation 

KWB log wood and pellet combi-boilers are delivered in several modules, which allows easy transport and placement in almost any type of heating room. This also protects your space because the weight of the individual parts and thus the risk of damage to the existing furnishings is much lower. In addition, it allows much quicker transportation of the boiler to the heating room.

Intelligent, efficient and cost-saving combustion 

KWB combi boilers can be heated either with log wood or with pellets. Thanks to the 185-litre fuel fill room, the log wood boiler generally only needs to be stoked once or twice a day to heat an average single-family house for a whole day. If no log wood is added, the wood boiler automatically switches to pellet operation. Here, our 40,000-times tried and tested KWB cast and stainless steel underfeed burner ensures a particularly efficient and clean combustion. The log wood and pellet combustion rooms are separate from each other as each fuel has different combustion room requirements to ensure truly efficient combustion. The lambda probe controls the fuel supply during the combustion process. The joint heat exchanger cleans itself, which ensures a continuously high degree of efficiency for the boiler. 

Easy and clean ash removal and cleaning 

Only very little ash remains because KWB combi-heating systems have such a clean and efficient combustion process. With the combi-boiler, there is no need to empty the ash container every day as it used to be in the past. The ash tray that can be hooked in under the log wood boiler only needs emptying approximately once every 10 days. The wheelable ash bin of the pellet module, on the other hand, only needs emptying once or twice a year. The heat exchanger cleans itself independently.

Remote control

KWB log wood-pellet combination heating systems can be operated either via a touch display or via dial. This is a special feature which allows operation if you are still wearing gloves after stoking the boiler with wood. In addition, the heating system can be controlled and maintained remotely using smartphone, tablet or PC. Upon request, the heating system can also be equipped with an automatic ignition. 

Flexible and safe heating

The operation of log wood and pellet combination heating systems is particularly convenient. They can be either traditionally filled with log wood or fully automatically with pellets. In addition, they have a highly efficient combustion.

That is why KWB Combi Boiler

Modular design
Dual control panel
Controllable online
Premium quality "Made in Austria" +43 3115 6116