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KWB offers individual solutions for heating with wood.
Whether it is a refurbishment, a new building, a farm or a business,
we have the pellet heating, t
he wood chip boiler
or the log boiler that fits you.

Which heating type are you?

Single- and multi-family house

Especially high comfort and conveniant operation make it easier to switch to renewable energies.

Agriculture and forestry

KWB heating installations are sturdy, stable and made to last.

KWB für Gewerbe oder Hotelerie

Industry and housing

Our range of services and our reliable technique delight our customers when it comes to a higher performance range.

The perfect heating for every fuel

Pellet heating system

Easy an clean heating with all modern conveniences. No cleaning effort as you will only have to empty the ashes container every two years.

Wood-fired boilers logs & Pellet boilers

Wood-fired boilers logs have a capacity range of 18-38 kW. The system is rounded off by premium thermal storage systems.

Wood chip boilers

Wood chip boilers have a capacity range of 20-300 kW. They are solid and flexible when it comes to the quality of fuel.


KWB stands for power (Kraft) and heat (Wärme) from biomass. Our story begins in 1994. Since then our goal is to convert the enery supply to regionally available and renewable energy .

Our company founders developed the first automatic wood-fired boiler in the world. Today we offer innovative heating solutions that work with ecofriendly energy sources. 70,000 customers already trust in our competence.

What makes us special?
Our company philosophy! We focus on our costumers, our staff and on mankind on the whole when it comes to our entrepreneurial behaviour.
We provide energy for life!

Technique moderne


Benefit from the latest
innovations in
the industry.

Plus de confort


Easy for you, because
the right energy solution
comes from an expert.

Une plus longévité


Ensure your
decision for
generations now.

Our heating solutions:

KWB Comfort Online Online-Plattform für Comfort 3 und Comfort 4 Regelung

KWB Comfort Online

learn more
KWB Easyfire 1 Pellet heating system

KWB Easyfire 1

10 - 20 KW
learn more
KWB Easyfire Pellet heating system

KWB Easyfire

8 - 35 KW
learn more
KWB Classicfire - Classic and convenient heating

KWB Classicfire

18 - 28 KW
learn more
KWB Combifire - Log wood and pellet heating system

KWB Combifire

18 - 38 KW
learn more
KWB Pelletfire Plus pellet heating system

KWB Pelletfire Plus

45 - 135 KW
learn more
KWB Multifire - a robust all-rounder

KWB Multifire

20 - 120 KW
learn more
KWB Powerfire - Pellet and wood chip heating system

KWB Powerfire

150 - 300 KW
learn more