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The energy transition for your home

KWB is the specialist for renewable energy and heat.

Overview of our products
The energy transition for your home

Intelligent energy management

NEW: The clever software coordinates and controls the energy generation and consumption devices in the house to ensure they are perfectly combined and are thus operated to ensure maximum efficiency.

To the energy management system
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Simple and clean

KWB pellet heating systems are fully automatic and convenient central heating systems. They are as easily to operate as traditional oil or gas heating systems, but are climate-friendly and clean.

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Robust and economical

KWB wood chip heating systems are multi-talented: They burn a variety of wood chip qualities efficiently and with low emissions. Our wood chip boilers are fully automatic and cost-efficient.

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Traditional and convenient

Heating with log wood is the original form of heating. KWB log wood heating systems convince with particularly long wood refilling intervals and their convenient and intuitive operation.

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Flexible and safe

KWB log wood and pellet combination heating systems are particularly comfortable to operate. You can fill them either the traditional way with log wood or fully automatically with pellets. And their combustion process is highly efficient.

KWB - premium energy systems since 1994

As a driver of the energy transition, KWB has revolutionized heating with wood and has evolved to become a provider of complete solutions for modern energy systems.

KWB Energysystems

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Heating system configurator
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The energy transition for your home

KWB was founded in Austria in 1994 and is considered a pioneer in the area of modern wood heating systems of premium quality. It was only thanks to KWB’s technological innovations that it was possible to combine eco-friendly heating with the highest comfort level. KWB's core business comprises pellet, wood chip and log wood heating systems in the power range from 2.4 to 300 kW. Meanwhile, the Austrian holding company has evolved to become a provider of complete solutions for efficient energy systems and offers all the components required for energy self-sufficient houses of tomorrow – starting from photovoltaics and solar systems, comprehensive storage tank and control technology to fuel storage and conveyor systems all the way to heat pumps for hot water preparation. The company’s high quality standards are reflected both in its products and outstanding service.

The services offered by KWB range from planning and installation support for installation companies, heating engineers and planners to a comprehensive factory customer service and extensive and long-term maintenance and warranty services. The company maintains a close-meshed distribution and service network in Austria, Germany, France and Italy. Thanks to the close cooperation with our strong distribution partners in 16 additional countries – from Canada to Chile, the UK, Netherlands and Norway to Japan – the company can meanwhile boast a presence on all continents. With its revolutionary innovations, KWB has established itself as an industry leader and employs the smartest brains in research and development to maintain its strong position. The company has around 400 employees in total. With the introduction of its own energy management system, KWB has once again demonstrated its thought-leadership position and is an important driver of the energy transition.