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Energy management
Save on energy costs & benefit from an overview

Save energy costs thanks to the clever use of heat and electricity

The smart energy management system from KWB optimises the energy flow within your home ensuring you can use the heat and electricity with a clear conscience. The clever software ensures maximum use of free solar energy ensuring your home is energy independent and safe.


Clee: "KWB ComfortEnergy" now has a new name

Clee [kli:] is the intelligent energy management system. The clever software coordinates and controls the energy generation and consumption devices in the house to ensure they are perfectly combined and are thus operated to ensure maximum efficiency. Clee also uses artificial intelligence to create a timetable that is tailored to your personal requirements ensuring optimum use of heat and electricity.

  • Uses as much free solar energy as possible
  • Increases the service life of individual energy components
  • Saves fuel and operating costs 

The new brand from KWB

After many years of research and development, the KWB product range has a new product: The smart energy management system Clee. The clever software is setting new standards when it comes to supplying energy to your home. It gets to know you and your home and only uses energy in areas where it is actually sensible – simply clever. The boiler is only activated if there is no sunlight. This ensures that the free energy from the sun is utilised in full and valuable fuel is saved. 

Everything from a single source
Free solar energy utilised in full
Save fuel and reduce costs
Make the most of a safe and independent system

For an environmentally-friendly, efficient and independent home

Each house is as individual as the people who live in it. Anyone who wishes to rely on renewable heat and electricity throughout the year will have to use a mixture of different technologies, such as a photovoltaic or solar thermal energy system combined with a wood heating system. These different technologies enable you to always use what nature is currently making available. Thanks to the latest technology from KWB it is now possible to control the different flows of energy in your home, adjusted to your location and your energy requirements, to ensure maximum sustainability and efficiency. The smart software coordinates all energy generation devices, storage solutions and consumers in the household and optimises this mix of energy to maximise the use of free solar energy and minimise the amount of purchased energy sources. Clee learns to optimise the energy system’s controls with each passing day by retrieving current weather data and thinking ahead. Providing an efficient and convenient system.


Available at all times and everywhere

Clee is used via a web app which provides an attractive overview of the energy flows in your home and via which the energy system can be controlled at any time and from any device (smartphone, tablet or computer). Offering a unique user experience.

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This is how Clee works:

  • Learns all by itself

    Clee learns about the energy consumption of the house and combines this data with the availability of free solar energy at the site.

  • Looks ahead

    Based on its learned behaviour and location-specific weather forecasts, Clee can make predictions for the next few days to determine how much heat will be required in the house at what time and how much free energy will be available at the time.

  • Continuously optimising

    Clee coordinates the energy components in the house based on these predictions. This ensures the maximum amount of free solar energy is used, thus minimising the proportion of purchased energy (fuel) and ensuring that the KWB wood heating system is operated optimally to maximise the service life of the boiler and prevent any unnecessary maintenance work.

The safe energy solution for your home

Clee enables you to sit back, relax and enjoy your heat and electricity with a clear conscience. You do not have to do a thing, Clee automatically controls everything for you.

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[Translate to INT:] clee - der Energiemix-Optimierer
[Translate to INT:] Voraussetzungen für den Einsatz von Clee

Requirements for using Clee:

Additionally supported components:

  • KWB solar thermal energy with KWB control system
  • KWB photovoltaic & inverter from select manufacturers (e.g. Fronius, Huawei, SolarEdge, SMA)
  • Fronius Ohmpilot

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