Modular installation system
  • Fits in any heating room
  • Preserves your space
  • Saves time and money

KWB heating system installation – modular and easily transportable

You have narrow stairs and a small heating room, but still want to install a new, eco-friendly and convenient pellet, wood chip or log wood heating system? No problem at all. KWB boilers are modular and can therefore be easily transported!

All heating systems in KWB’s premium segment can be dismantled into several modules. As a result, heating system installers can easily transport the boilers into almost every type of heating room and install them even in tight spaces.

The advantages of the KWB modular and easily transportable system:

  • Even if your heating room is small and reachable via steep stairs, you can easily place our boilers in the heating room because they do not need to be transported and installed in one piece.
  • The weight of the individual pieces makes it less likely that any existing furnishings are damaged thereby preserving and protecting the space.
  • You save time and money because your expert technician can guarantee a faster transport of the boiler into the heating room. This makes is easier to coordinate processes at the building site. There is no need to use expensive installation aids.

And this is how your KWB heating system gets into your home:

Step 1:
The shipping company delivers your heating system. Your trusted heating system installer installs the heating system on site.
Step 2:
The KWB boiler is transported into your home in the form of individual modules. There is no need to use expensive installation aids.
Step 3:
The KWB heating system can be easily transported into your heating room even over narrow stairs.
Step 4:
The individual modules can be easily carried by maximally 2 people.
Step 5:
The boiler can be installed within just a few hours.
Step 6:
Your heating room is undamaged and you save time and money. +43 3115 6116
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