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KWB EmpaFresh Fresh water module
KWB EmpaFresh - Fresh water stationJust tap fresh water
  • Easy installation due to low piping expenditure
  • High output performance of 40 to 160 l/min
  • Switches quickly from cold to hot
  • Low limescale formation

Fresh water station - KWB EmpaFresh

Tap fresh water at any time

The water is heated up using the flow-through principle using the KWB fresh water station. But only in the case that it is needed. You avoid storing large quantities of hot water over longer periods of time. This is very important to ensure the quality and hygiene of the drinking water. The module can be optimally combined with the KWB EmpaCompact combi-storage tank, but can also be connected to existing buffer tanks.

Easily installed

The KWB EmpaFresh fresh water station is easily installed: The station is easily connected with the EmpaCompact using stainless steel corrugated pipes. The station is delivered plug-in ready.

Quickly provides lots of hot water

The KWB EmpaFresh can also be realised in the form of a cascade solution (up to 4 fresh water modules) with an output capacity of up to 160 l/min, either mounted on a wall or as free-standing “tower”. KWB supplies the “tower” fully cabled and hydraulically connected with each other. Thanks to cutting-edge pump technology, you will immediately have hot water available at the turn of a tap.

Safe and convenient operation

A patented, particularly fast mixer valve guarantees a constant temperature and the right amount of the desired drinking water at any time. In addition, the KWB EmpaFresh has very low limescale formation because the water temperature is reduced when it enters the heat exchanger.

  • KWB EmpaFresh Fresh water module
  • KWB EmpaFresh - Fresh water modul Cascade
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