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KWB EmpaCompact Stratified storage tank
KWB EmpaCompact - Heat accumulatorHighly efficient central energy station

Heat accumulator - KWB EmpaCompact

Compact energy centre on 1 m²

The KWB EmpaCompact is a true energy centre and ensures a tidy heating room. It can be quickly installed. The multi-functional stratified storage tank contains a large part of the heating room installation on a footprint of just 1m². It is primarily used in single- and multi-family houses and is ideally combined with a KWB pellet heating system. The KWB EmpaCompact increases the efficiency of your entire heating system, among other things, because the storage tank is insulated with high-quality fibre fleece and thus has very low radiation losses. In addition, it is equipped with ground insulation and covering caps. All this ensures that the hot water needed for the heating units does not cool down. 

It is available in the following sizes:

500 l  |  800 l  | 1,000 l  |  1,500 l

Small footprint and simple

Thanks to the optionally attached fresh water station, you will not need a separate DHWC with the EmpaCompact. The hot water preparation works according to the throughput principle. The cold drinking water flows through the fresh water station and is heated by the hot water in the buffer storage tank. In this process, the two water types flow past each other without touching. They are separated by a plate. This makes the KWB EmpaCompact a particularly hygienic storage tank.

Set up for two heating circuits

The KWB EmpaCompact has connection options for two separate heating circuits. The heating units can, for example, be supplied with hot water via one heating circuit, and the radiant floor heating system via the other. You can save additional space in the heating room because the buffer storage tank is already set up for a solar energy system that supplies the heating due to its two solar registers.  

Even more efficient thanks to the strata charging device

The KWB EmpaCompact is equipped with several strata charging devices. These ensure that the water that flows back from the consumers (e.g. heating units) in direction of the buffer storage tank flows into the storage tank either at the top (hot) or further down (cooler) depending on the temperature. This way, hot and cold water do not mix. The water that is taken out at the top and goes to the consumers is thus kept continuously hot, and the boiler does not need to constantly keep heating. Generally, a heating system always works most efficiently if it does not have to stop and start frequently.

  • Energy centre on 1 m²
  • Attached fresh water station for hot water preparation
  • Connection option for 2 heating circuits
  • Several strata charging devices
[Translate to English:] KWB Easyfire

Can ideally be combined with the KWB Easyfire

The KWB Easyfire is the ideal pellet heating system for redevelopments or new constructions. It is installed both in single-family and multi-family houses in the output range from 2.4 to 38 kW.

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